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Staff Officer

Provision of Staff Officer is responsible for managing sales/marketing reports, financial or administrative matters. However, serving or responding to consumer complaints directly is not the job of a Back Office Staff. These are some of the duties of a Back Office Staff.
* Manage accounts payable affairs
* Have the responsibility to check the goods that are not too sold and then replaced with new ones.
* Have responsibility for the implementation of ordering goods to suppliers.
* Have the responsibility to check the goods on goods that are approaching expiration.

Customer Service

In every company or agency, definitely need customer service to serve clients and customers.

You could say, they are the spearhead of the company or agency that will inform the people who come to the company or agency.

The role of customer service in the workplace is also very important so that at all times they are required to provide the best for the company or its clients. In general, their job is to serve. But there are other tasks to be aware of.

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