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Concept Event

First of all, of course, the core team of an Event Organizer will consult and hold brainstorms to develop the concept of the event to be carried out, starting from naming, event theme, location, and so on.

This stage is the most crucial, because it will affect the amount of budget needed, the technical implementation of the event, determining the source of funding, determining the location, how many human resources are needed, to how much profit is generated.

It should be noted, not always that unique ideas can be easily realized and implemented, so at this stage, you don’t just dwell on how “unique” the event you are going to make, but also make sure that the event will be implemented and attractive in the eyes of the candidate. audience, participants, and/or sponsors.

Direct Selling

A method of selling certain goods and / or services to consumers by way of face-to-face outside fixed retail locations by a marketing network developed by business partners and working based on sales commissions, sales bonuses and reasonable membership fees.

So it can be concluded that the meaning is when individual salespeople reach consumers directly, while direct marketing is when companies market directly to consumers.

These systems often eliminate some of the intermediaries involved in product distribution, such as regional distribution centers and wholesalers. Instead, the product goes from the manufacturer to the direct selling company, to the distributor or representative, and then to the consumer.